Thursday, January 22, 2009

How and Why I Started Making Money Online

In 2004, I purchased my first computer and lost my job. The reason I lost my job was because my children had the flu, my 2 year old was being evaluated for autism and I was in court proceedings with my ex-husband fighting for the house. Although I tried to take appointments during my lunch time instead of work hours, I was penalized. Let's just say, everything happens for a reason.

In 2004, I started making online by answering surveys. I joined every survey site I could find. Did I make money? Yes. However it got really boring really fast. In the summer of 2005, I was watching CNN and Wolf Blitzer kept referring to "the bloggers". I was curious. "Who were these bloggers that were having such an effect on the internet and politics?" I thought to myself. That's when I started my frist blog. It was called Snow White, 7 Dwarves and PDD. I was Snow White, my 7 kids were the dwarves and PDD-Nos is my youngest son's diagnosis. I had no knowledge of html. Before 2003, I didn't even know about the internet. I was too busy having kids!

Shortly after starting my first blog, I learned about Google Adsense. I came across Dooce, ProBlogger, Steve Pavlina and ShoeMoney. I figured I could make some money blogging. I started testing out different sites and realized, there was money to be made!

Within months, I started earning more money online than I did at my full time job. The best part was that I didn't have to pay for day care! I started writing for, Helium, and blogging for PayPerPost and Blogitive. I added more blogs or VRE (Virtual Real Estate) and made even more money. Thanks to ShoeMoney I learned about affiliate marketing. Squidoo became another money maker.

Four years later, I've survived Google penalties, Squidoo's spam nightmare, changing algorithms and much more. I continue to write about autism, personal finance, seo, social media, politics and much more.

Looking for a way to make money online? I'm here to tell you, it can be done.

What does it take to make money online?
A willingness to learn.
Lots of patience.
Most of all, perseverance.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Testimonials: Alva Martell's SEO and Social Media Marketing Services

Alva, thanks for your help with the link building. For a very small amount of money,
you were able to move one of my websites from nowhere at all to #3 on page one
of Google.

Another one of my websites you moved up from #8, where it had been stuck for
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Another brand new site of mine, you got it from no where to be found,
to #8 on page one of Google. This is really awesome for a brand new site!

You are awesome, and I will surely be using your services on all of my websites.

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA

"Alva really knows her stuff!!  She bookmarks sites others overlook. I'm extremely satisfied with the speed, professionalism and backlinks received." 


I am very happy and satisfied with the work Alva has done for me.  As soon as a fews days went buy and I was already at the top of the google search engine page for my photography business!!  I highly recommend her for the job!!  And will be recommending her to others!!

Latina Vega