Friday, August 12, 2011

6 Sensational iPad Apps for Economics Enthusiasts

The marriage of the love of economics and the evolution of the iPad is a match made in heaven. Now those who are enamored with economics have a great tool to help them fulfill their thirst for knowledge and up to date information.

1.  Bloomberg News: If you want to get up to the minute information and ensure that you are always in the know with economics, then this is the app for you. Here you can keep on top of the issues that economists and those that are just interested in related matters see. This is a very famous and very celebrated website and now this app allows you to access the latest economic news from anywhere that you are.

2.  About Economics: You may think that the content is more basic, but there is something for everyone through this app. This shows you in a snapshot what is going on within the economy and how to analyze it in a way that is user friendly. This app works as a great educational tool or a resource for those that are a bit more involved in the matters that shape our world economy.

3.  Oxford Economics: This comes at a much higher level but the content is relevant and so easy to use and digest. Here you can keep in touch with what really matters within economics and how you can apply it within your own life. If you need this as a reference throughout your day or simply want to get in touch with the latest economic issues, then this app can help tremendously.

4.  Market Dash: This works really well if you want to get in touch with the stock market for your daily consumption. If you have stock to manage or just want a view of the market as a whole, this app can be of great help. You can view the stock market trends, get specific information for your own use, and even plot out things in a way that is relevant to you.

5.  Forbes Annual Investment Guide: They are one of the top names within economic issues and therefore this app is a great one to have on hand. Not only does it dive into the best investments out there, but it also gives you an analysis that can really help you to make educated decisions. Even more than that, it gives you the specifics as to why elements exist the way they do within the economy.

6.  Economy: Simply put this is what economists at any level can use for their own personal knowledge and consumption. This shows the latest trends within the economy and why these things exist as they do. This also shows the factors that contribute to the economy as a whole and how to influence them or at least be educated on them.

If you want to keep up with your love for economics all the time, then these apps can help. They can show you firsthand what is going on and how the economy relates to you and your life.

MJ Frederick has a great interest in the field of economics and educating students about the benefits of pursuing their masters degree in economics.