Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why Your OCNY Business Needs Website Promotion

Your Orange County NY business is doing well in this economy?  Great!  How would you like to do even better?  Do you advertise?  Spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on ads in the Frontier phone book or Yellow Pages?  You do!  How many leads do they deliver?   Is your ad investment making you any money?  Probably not.  In many households, phone books are never used.  With the invention of the internet, people search for information very differently.

There are several things you should realize about people's search habits:
  • Ninety percent of people use Google to find information including businesses in their area.  That means that if you're not on Google's first page of search results for your business you are losing business.  Most people don't click to the second page of results.
  • More and more people are using their mobile phones to search for businesses.  They use the internet before they use 411.
  • The other 10 percent of internet users use bing, yahoo and various other search engines.  Can you find your business on any of those sites?
You still believe that you don't need professional website promotion?
Want to check if your business is on the first page.  I want you to search on the internet the way a potential customer would search for your business.  For example, if you are a plumbing company they would search: "plumbing company orange county ny" , "OCNY plumbing", "Hudson Valley Plumbing" or "plumbing Hudson Valley".  Go ahead, stop right now.  Open another window and search for your business, not by it's company name.  Search for it by the service and the town like the example above.

Help!  My business doesn't show up on Google's search results!
There are several techniques that will provide the outcome you want.  However, you will need a professional to implement them.  If you have website, search engine optimization and link building can be used to obtain the desired results.

How will I know what SEO link building services I need?
I provide website promotion that is tailored to your business.  Contact me, so that I can take a look at your website.  With the proper internet marketing, I can help your website bring you more customers!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blog Ads: Web Advertising With Blogroll Text Links

One of the easiest ways to advertise your site is by buying blogroll links.  What are blogrolls?  They are lists of sites that the blog owner posts on their home page.  Some blogrolls consist of blogs that the blog owner reads on a daily basis.  Other blogrolls consist of sponsors that pay a fee that help pay for the blog's hosting fees.   I am currently offering blogroll links on my large network of sites at $5.00 a month per link!

Having your site on a blogroll provides several benefits:
  • Blogroll links can be posted using anchor text for the keywords you are targeting.
  • They can pass along link juice.
  • Links on niche related blogs provide targeted visitors.
  • Having links coming from different ip addresses is great for your SEO strategy.
  • Blog advertising can be significantly cheaper than ppc.
  • They are indexed quickly. 
  • Backlinks improve search engine rankings.
Order your blogroll links today! Links are posted using the keyword(s) you provide. Please, use the paypal memo area to submit the url and the keywords. Feel free to visit the contact page to submit any other requests. I have a large nework of blogs in many different niches. Page rank ranges from 0-3.  Once you make a purchase, I will send you an email with a list of all my web properties.  These include a traffic exchange, two text ad exchanges, a ptc, blogs, 58 Squidoo lenses and 26 HubPages.  Hurry, I am only selling 5 spots on each site! Email me with questions or other requests alva.martell @ gmail . com

    Blog Sponsor Link

    Friday, September 10, 2010

    Get 35 SEO One Way Links On Social Bookmarking Sites

    Need SEO backlinks

    Link building improves search engine rankings and Google page rank. Your url will be submitted to 35 social bookmarking sites. The url will be submitted to an appropriate category, given a search engine optimized description and tagged with niche related keywords. The page rank of the sites will vary. I supply a report at completion.

    Submissions can be made over a period of 3 days or spread over a longer period.

    For a limited time, you can order 35 backlinks from social bookmarking sites for $5.00!  

    Friday, July 23, 2010

    RSS Feed Submission to 10 RSS Feed Directories

    Backlinks help you improve search engine rankings and Google page rank. RSS Feeds are an excellent way to get more backlinks to your site.   Outsource your RSS Feed Directory submission for the incredible price of $5.00!  I will submit one url of your choice to 10 different RSS Feed directories. Please include the RSS feed and several categories that are relevant to the topic.

    What does the RSS Feed Submission Service Include?
    • I will submit the url of your choice to 10 RSS Feed directories for $5.  
    • Each submission will be submitted to the appropriate category. 
    • Each url will be tagged with targeted keywords.
    • I supply a report at completion.
    Order your RSS Feed Directory Submission today!  You can't beat the price.

    ***  There are larger packages available upon request.   ***

    Thursday, July 22, 2010

    Order 300 One Way Links Today!

    How would you like 300 one way links pointing to your site?
    • One way links are the best type of backlinks
    • With these links, your site will be indexed quickly and your backlinks will show up on Google almost immediately!
    • The backlinks can be distributed over a number of days. 
    • These links can also be bookmarked, to create even more backlinks!
    How much will 300 backlinks cost ?
    These backlinks are affordable at $15.00!  Order now because this 300 one way link package is
    HOT!  Projects are completed in the order that they are received.

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    Social Bookmarking Services

    Why Should You Use Social Bookmarking Services?

    Social bookmarking sites are sites that enable web surfers to bookmark their favorite websites, articles and videos for future reference. They receive tons of traffic on a daily basis. Best of all, many of them have high Google page rank. For this reason, social bookmarking should be a part of your link building strategy. There are hundreds of bookmarking sites on the internet. Some are more widely known than others. Most bloggers and link building services use the same 25-50 sites. Not me. I've spent many hours scouring the net to find hundreds of social bookmarking sites that can be used to improve search engine rankings.

    Another great benefit of social bookmarking sites is that it's a great way to get targeted traffic, new readers, subscribers and/or potential customers. Many people don't bookmark their sites because they don't think other members will rate their work. Don't let that stop you. It's not always possible to get your site on the first page of Digg and get the Digg effect (your site crashing from a surge of traffic). Getting tons of traffic is only beneficial if it's targeted traffic. Most visitors of social bookmarking sites are there to read and add interesting content to the community. They are usually blind to adsense or other ad publishing networks. However, you can get long term benefits from the link itself including link juice and/or targeted organic traffic. For example, I wrote a post two years ago about Twitter that still gets traffic because it was bookmarked on a popular social bookmarking site!

    There are many types of social bookmarking sites that offer different benefits:
    1. do follow bookmarking sites
    2. bookmarking sites with high page rank
    3. niche bookmarking sites
    4. adsense revenue sharing bookmarking sites
    5. and much more.

    For one to have truly effective bookmarking, one should target specific keywords. This should help your site climb to the much coveted first page of Google. Furthermore, your description should be different from your content. It should also differ from one social bookmarking site to another.

    What Do Our Social Bookmarking Services Offer?
    Our social bookmarking methods are ethical and effective. We will manually bookmark your site using targeted keywords and unique descriptions. All bookmarking sites used have a page rank of 2-8. The bookmarking sites used will have a mixture of do follow and no follow blogs. Niche bookmarking sites will be used whenever there is an appropriate match.

    What we will need:
    Once you purchase the package you desire, please email at least 3 keywords or keyword phrases that you want used as the keyword tags. You can either use the email used on this site or the paypal email address to contact us.

    We look forward to providing you with effective link building services.

    Manual Social Bookmarking

    Friday, March 12, 2010

    Link Building Services

    How can link building services help you?
    Link building is the fuel that propels your website. You can't get on the first page of Google without them. Don't be fooled by webmasters that claim it'a all about web design and fluff. You can have the most beautiful web design on the internet, but it won't get you any business without backlinks. Why? You can't get any business if no one can find you! I know what you're thinking. How do you get backlinks?

    You can get backlinks in many different ways.
    1. You can get backlinks from bloggers. Don't know any bloggers? Don't fret. You can buy blog reviews.
    2. You can get links from social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Orkut. Yes, there are social media marketing services too.
    3. You can get backlinks by commenting on do follow blogs. Don't know where to find them? You can outsource your do follow blog commenting.
    4. Backlinks can come from social bookmarking sites.
    5. You can use signatures on niche topic forums to get backlinks.
    6. You can write and submit articles to article directories.
    7. You can submit your website to web directories.
    8. Submit your site to search engines.
    9. Create link wheels using web 2.0 properties.
    10. Submit blog posts to blog carnivals.
    11. Guest posting on popular blogs.
    12. Link exchanges with similar sites.
    13. Squidoo lens creation.
    14. Create HubPages.
    15. Distribute Press Releases.

    I know it looks like a long list, but there are many other ways you can get backlinks. We use every ethical method. In need of backlinks? We can perform these tedious tasks for you.

    Ready to get your site on the first page of Google? Contact us and we'll give you a free analysis of your site. We can create a customized link building strategy for your site. You will not have to guess about what link building services you need. Best of all, you will not have to pay for unnecessary products or services. Don't hesitate. Contact us today!

    Wednesday, March 3, 2010

    Do Follow Blog Commenting Services

    Do Follow Blogs are blogs that have had the "no follow" tags removed from the blog content and/or comments section. Why do people remove "no follow" tags from their blogs? They want to reward their readers for comments. On Do Follow blogs, urls used in the comments appear as backlinks on search engines. In other words, "no follow" tags instruct the search engine spiders to not follow any links. So, if you leave a comment on one of my do follow blogs, it would appear as a link on the search engines. Links are like gas to a car. They help your site climb up the search engines rankings.

    How do "do follow blog commenting" services work?
    Do follow blog commenting services will find do follow blogs and leave comments. This sounds easy, right? Many people think it is. This is why so many people are offering these services at low prices. However, you should know that you usually get what you pay for. I've had my sites do follow sites spammed and I've deleted the comments. Many people that offer these services are interested in a quick buck. What that will get you is a temporary backlinks because chances are the blog owner will delete it. Do follow bloggers want people to leave intelligent, helpful comments on their blogs. They don't want someone coming in, leaving a spammy comment and a string of urls. These type of do follow comments do not give any value to the blog owner or the person payiing for the do follow blog backlinks. I have a different technique I use that helps me get backlinks to my sites very quickly. Believe me, if this link building technique didn't work I wouldn't be wasting my time!

    What can you expect from our do follow blog commenting service?
    1. You will get do follow comments on a unique site per comment purchased.
    2. Links will be on pages that have a pr (page rank) of 1-4.
    3. We will always try to use pages with pr that have low OBL (Out Bound Links). (This may not always be possible, if your keyword and niche are uncommom.)
    4. If for any reason a comment is deleted (within the first 14 days), we will do it again.

    Here are a few services to choose from:
    10 do follow blog comments general topic blogs pr1-4 $40.00
    10 do follow blog comments niche specific blogs pr1-4 $50.00
    25 do follow blog cooments general topic blogs pr1-4 $80.00
    25 do follow blog cooments niche specific blogs pr1-4 $100.00

    Once you order your pacakge, we will need the keyword you desire to be used as anchor text and the url.

    Do Follow Commenting

    Contact us for a customized link building strategy for your site. We can provide services that offer 100s of comments at a discount price.

    Monday, March 1, 2010

    Blog Review Services

    Blog Review Services offer an inexpensive, successful method to the linkbuilding process. Due to their frequent updates, blogs are indexed regularly. This makes it very appealing to someone that is looking for backlinks. It makes sense to buy blog reviews. However, a few review blogging companies spoiled it for review bloggers like me. Instead of offering a quality product, they opened their doors to bloggers that ruined the sponsored blogging concept. These bloggers produced poorly written posts because their goal was making money quickly.

    As a blogger, I learned about seo, keyword density and linkbuilding. When I became a review blogger, I used my knowledge to deliver a superb product. Not only that, I bookmarked each review to give my advertiser more for their money. Now I offer review services that deliver well researched, original content.

    What can you expect from Alva Martell's Blog Review Services?
    1. You will get a well researched review.
    2. You can have up to 3 keywords per post linking to 3 different urls (250 words).
    3. Each post will be on a blog that I own. That will assure you that the post will never be removed.
    4. Each post will be bookmarked on 5 different social bookmarking sites (pr4-8).
    5. Each post will be tweeted to my Twitter network (16,600+ followers as of 3/1/10).
    6. Each of my blogs has been submitted to at least 30 RSS directories, so your post will get exposure on the web.
    7. Most of my blogs have their own domains.
    8. Many of my blogs are hosted on different ip addresses (for seo purposes).

    Once you order, please send at least 10 keywords you want to target with their corresponding urls. You can also send a summary of the type of review you desire.

    For a limited time, you will be able to purchase 10 blog reviews for $200.00. Order yours today before the offer is gone!

    Looking for a sponsored post?
    Want an article you wrote posted on one of my sites?

    All you have to do is:
    1. Send me an email with the site you are interested in and the article.
    2. Make the payment.
    3. I'll post it.

    Sponsored posts are also tweeted to my large Twitter network and bookmarked on multiple social networking sites.

    Sponsored Post Options

    Squidoo Lens Building Services

    Squidoo lens building service
    Squidoo is a Web 2.0 property that you can create free of charge. The beauty of Squidoo lenses is that Google loves them. Due to Google's affection, they are indexed very quickly. For this reason, many SEO strategists use them to create backlinks. They are effective, however it takes more than just creating a lens. If you want to use a Squidoo lens to promote your business or product, let me build your Squidoo lens to give it the necessary link juice.

    Squidoo Lens Creation/Building Services
    Here is what you can expect from our Squidoo Lens Building Services:

    1. All content will be well researched and completely original. It will be written using seo techniques.
    2. All relevant tags will be added to your lens.
    3. Your lens will have one intro module.
    4. In addition, we will add another large text module.
    5. We will choose 3 more modules that will maximize the performance of your lens.
    6. Upon completion, your Squidoo lens will be bookmarked on 5 social bookmarking sites.
    7. A tweet will be sent on our Twitter network consisting of 21,000+ followers.
    8. We will post about it on one of our blogs which is relevant to the lens' topic.
    9. We will add the your Squidoo lens link to a forum.
    10. Your lens will be added to 20 search engines.

    Once you order your Squidoo lens we will need:

    1. Please send us 5-10 keyowrds to find a URL on Squidoo.
    2. If you already have a URL, you can transfer it to us. After it's completed, we will transfer it back to you.
    3. If you want us to include images, you can send the image or url.
    4. If you want to use affiliate products on your lens, send us the html for the banners or images.
    5. We can add an rss feed to your blog, niche or Twitter so that your lens will always have fresh content.

    As of March 1, 2010 Alva Martell has 30 featured lenses. One of those lenses made it number 2 of all the lenses on Squidoo . She has been a Squidoo lensmaster since May 11, 2006! Many of her lenses appear on the first page of Google for their keyword.

    We look forward to creating your Squidoo lens!

    Squidoo Lens Packages Offers Hudson Valley Web Design and Marketing

    If you have an offline business, you can greatly benefit from web marketing. Now that the phone book has become obsolete (thanks to the internet), you need to let people in your community find your business. Don't be left behind. Your competitors probably have websites and they may be way ahead of you. Don't worry. With the right guidance, you can outrank them on Google. Let me tell you what can do for your business.

    1. Don't have a website? Don't worry. We provide web design. As a professional blogger, I know exactly how to design your site for user friendly navigation.

    2. Have a website, but it's not getting traffic? We can analyze your site and perform what is called on page SEO. Be aware, many people have been ripped off by so called web designers. You may have been sold a static webpage. You need a legitimate website preferably with a blog and web 2.0 properties to compete online. (I'm sorry that you were ripped off, but if it's not a website it must be redesigned.)

    3. Your website should be collecting email addresses from your visitors. This is called email marketing and it can increase your profits tremendously. Imagine if you had been collecting all of your customer's email addresses for several years. Now imagine you could send them a promotion about a one day sale right now. How much money do you think you could make from that one email? What if they forwarded the email to their contact list? Welcome to viral email marketing. Now you understand why your website should have email marketing incorporated into it's design.

    4. Your website should be on the first page of Google for it's service. For example, if you have a plumbing company, you should be on the first page search results for Hudson Valley Plumbing. Your company's name is great, but you want to make all potential customers aware of your business, right? Anything else wouldn't make sense. You want new customers, not just the customers that know about you.

    5. Would you like to increase your brand's online presence? It is possible with SEO, social media marketing and blog reviews.

    You want a website that produces results, right? Well, it will not work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if no one knows it exists.

    Wondering how your website is doing? Get an analysis of your website and a free quote!

    Thursday, January 14, 2010

    Can Your Brick and Mortar Business Benefit From Being on the First Page of Google?

    Many business owners ask me, "How can my brick and mortar business benefit from being on the first page of Google?" Business owners wonder why they should bother creating a web site for their business especially when they provide services like roofing, restaurants or beauty salons. There are so many reasons your brick and mortar business should have a website. Let me explain just a few.

    The internet has changed the way people search and find information. Once upon a time, people used the local phone book to find the nearest veterinary clinic, carpet store or auto repair shop. They searched by category and then found listings alphabetically. Today, people search the internet for the services they need.

    How do people search for businesses on the internet?
    When people search for businesses and services on the internet, they use keyword phrases or questions. For example, if someone was looking to hire a wedding photographer in the city of Hudson in Florida, they would go to Google and type in "wedding photographer in Hudson Florida". Now if that was you, you would look at the first couple of listings and start making calls, right? If you are a wedding photographer, your goal is to be on the coveted first page of those Google search results. Well, what if you own a night club, dog walking service or day care? Guess what? People would search for your services the same way. (If you are a business owner and have a web site, take a moment to search your business category. Do not search for your business name! Why? You must assume customers don't know about your business! You are looking to target new customers. If you can't find your business website on the 1st page, contact me. You can use my expertise.)

    This image shows the results for "Wedding Photographer in Hudson Florida". The results are no accident. The first result on the 1st page of Google is my client.
    your business on the 1st page of Google

    Do you have a web site for your business, but it doesn't produce any results?
    Let me explain something. Almost anyone can create a web site, but not everyone knows how to optimize it for the search engines. That's when the skills of a search engine optimization expert come into play. However, there's another step. Social media marketing and article marketing must also be added to the formula. Search engine algoirthms change daily. You need fresh content pointing to your site daily. A webmaster or web designer can't provide results with just a web site. Web sites are tools. It's like having a phone number for your business, but never giving it out. Guess what? You will never get a phone call.

    The biggest advantage of your business site is it's open 24 hours, greeting customers while you're sleeping!
    The most convenient part of the internet is that it's always open. Your business web site should be providing potential customers to questions they may have. It should persuade visitors to want to visit your brick and mortar business. Your site should make the customer want to make a phone call or send an email. That brings us to another very important point.

    Does your web site capture information from visitors?
    You should have a system on the first page of your business' web site that offers some type of benefit in return for a visitor's email. Why? You just obtained a way to contact a potential cusotmer whenever you want. By email, you can send them an incentive to make a purchase or visit your establishment. For example if you own a restaurant, you can offer a free dessert with the purchase of an entree. Own a night club? Announce your events regularly. No matter what type of business you own, you can send something that can persuade that person to visit, spend and hopefully they'll forward to other potential customers. Like this idea? Contact me, I can set up your email marketing.

    Can search engine optimization work for any type of brick and mortar business?
    Yes, seo can help your business no matter what it is. Here's another example: The following example shows the search results for "suggestions for a child's birthday party in Middletown NY". I was able to get the first 5 search results on the first page. You can also search the phrase in different keyword phrases and the results will still be the same for the 1st 4-5 results.
    I got the 1st 5 top spots on Google

    If your business does not have a web site or it's not ranking well for it's keyword, you are not maximizing the potential of the internet. Don't let your competition have an edge. Contact me for a free consultation.

    One more thing, I will not take multiple clients for the same keyword. In other words, if you hire me and your business is a florist in Beautiful City, NY I will not take on your competition as a client. With that said, projects are completed as they are received.