Friday, July 23, 2010

RSS Feed Submission to 10 RSS Feed Directories

Backlinks help you improve search engine rankings and Google page rank. RSS Feeds are an excellent way to get more backlinks to your site.   Outsource your RSS Feed Directory submission for the incredible price of $5.00!  I will submit one url of your choice to 10 different RSS Feed directories. Please include the RSS feed and several categories that are relevant to the topic.

What does the RSS Feed Submission Service Include?
  • I will submit the url of your choice to 10 RSS Feed directories for $5.  
  • Each submission will be submitted to the appropriate category. 
  • Each url will be tagged with targeted keywords.
  • I supply a report at completion.
Order your RSS Feed Directory Submission today!  You can't beat the price.

***  There are larger packages available upon request.   ***

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Order 300 One Way Links Today!

How would you like 300 one way links pointing to your site?
  • One way links are the best type of backlinks
  • With these links, your site will be indexed quickly and your backlinks will show up on Google almost immediately!
  • The backlinks can be distributed over a number of days. 
  • These links can also be bookmarked, to create even more backlinks!
How much will 300 backlinks cost ?
These backlinks are affordable at $15.00!  Order now because this 300 one way link package is
HOT!  Projects are completed in the order that they are received.