Monday, March 1, 2010

Blog Review Services

Blog Review Services offer an inexpensive, successful method to the linkbuilding process. Due to their frequent updates, blogs are indexed regularly. This makes it very appealing to someone that is looking for backlinks. It makes sense to buy blog reviews. However, a few review blogging companies spoiled it for review bloggers like me. Instead of offering a quality product, they opened their doors to bloggers that ruined the sponsored blogging concept. These bloggers produced poorly written posts because their goal was making money quickly.

As a blogger, I learned about seo, keyword density and linkbuilding. When I became a review blogger, I used my knowledge to deliver a superb product. Not only that, I bookmarked each review to give my advertiser more for their money. Now I offer review services that deliver well researched, original content.

What can you expect from Alva Martell's Blog Review Services?
1. You will get a well researched review.
2. You can have up to 3 keywords per post linking to 3 different urls (250 words).
3. Each post will be on a blog that I own. That will assure you that the post will never be removed.
4. Each post will be bookmarked on 5 different social bookmarking sites (pr4-8).
5. Each post will be tweeted to my Twitter network (16,600+ followers as of 3/1/10).
6. Each of my blogs has been submitted to at least 30 RSS directories, so your post will get exposure on the web.
7. Most of my blogs have their own domains.
8. Many of my blogs are hosted on different ip addresses (for seo purposes).

Once you order, please send at least 10 keywords you want to target with their corresponding urls. You can also send a summary of the type of review you desire.

For a limited time, you will be able to purchase 10 blog reviews for $200.00. Order yours today before the offer is gone!

Looking for a sponsored post?
Want an article you wrote posted on one of my sites?

All you have to do is:
1. Send me an email with the site you are interested in and the article.
2. Make the payment.
3. I'll post it.

Sponsored posts are also tweeted to my large Twitter network and bookmarked on multiple social networking sites.

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