Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Social Bookmarking Services

Why Should You Use Social Bookmarking Services?

Social bookmarking sites are sites that enable web surfers to bookmark their favorite websites, articles and videos for future reference. They receive tons of traffic on a daily basis. Best of all, many of them have high Google page rank. For this reason, social bookmarking should be a part of your link building strategy. There are hundreds of bookmarking sites on the internet. Some are more widely known than others. Most bloggers and link building services use the same 25-50 sites. Not me. I've spent many hours scouring the net to find hundreds of social bookmarking sites that can be used to improve search engine rankings.

Another great benefit of social bookmarking sites is that it's a great way to get targeted traffic, new readers, subscribers and/or potential customers. Many people don't bookmark their sites because they don't think other members will rate their work. Don't let that stop you. It's not always possible to get your site on the first page of Digg and get the Digg effect (your site crashing from a surge of traffic). Getting tons of traffic is only beneficial if it's targeted traffic. Most visitors of social bookmarking sites are there to read and add interesting content to the community. They are usually blind to adsense or other ad publishing networks. However, you can get long term benefits from the link itself including link juice and/or targeted organic traffic. For example, I wrote a post two years ago about Twitter that still gets traffic because it was bookmarked on a popular social bookmarking site!

There are many types of social bookmarking sites that offer different benefits:
1. do follow bookmarking sites
2. bookmarking sites with high page rank
3. niche bookmarking sites
4. adsense revenue sharing bookmarking sites
5. and much more.

For one to have truly effective bookmarking, one should target specific keywords. This should help your site climb to the much coveted first page of Google. Furthermore, your description should be different from your content. It should also differ from one social bookmarking site to another.

What Do Our Social Bookmarking Services Offer?
Our social bookmarking methods are ethical and effective. We will manually bookmark your site using targeted keywords and unique descriptions. All bookmarking sites used have a page rank of 2-8. The bookmarking sites used will have a mixture of do follow and no follow blogs. Niche bookmarking sites will be used whenever there is an appropriate match.

What we will need:
Once you purchase the package you desire, please email at least 3 keywords or keyword phrases that you want used as the keyword tags. You can either use the email used on this site or the paypal email address to contact us.

We look forward to providing you with effective link building services.

Manual Social Bookmarking


Corsley said...

Socia bookmarking is one of my favorite link building techniques. Thank you for sharing this.I've learned a lot.

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Joseph said...

Social bookmarking is a really great strategy that helps promotes your website.

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linkplayer11 said...

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Anonymous said...

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linkplayer11 said...

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Sharon said...

This is one of the techniques that every SEO specialist or company uses to increase traffic. I am an SEO specialist, and social bookmarking is one of my favorite link building strategies.

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Saad said...

You get discovered by the google, the other factor is that your webpages will get listed quicker and you will have a opportunity to obtain a pr quick enough to turn.

Suzy Thompson said...

I haven't tried this before but since I've seen many positive feedback here I might try it out soon.

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Kinneth said...

Another choice you have is building a website with the WordPress blogging platform. This is a good idea because once your site is up you can learn how to post content very easily. You can also learn how to customize your site easily too!

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Michael Stew said...

Does this still work? Is still there a link juice that we can get from social bookmarking websites? I think it's one of the those obsolete link building strategies after penguin updates.

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